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Campbell Scientific, Inc. Authorized Installers & Trainers - High Sights concentrates on providing all SCADA services for the full range of Campbell Scientific equipment.  We provide all design, programming, and installation of their gear, as well as any other peripheral gear such as rain gauges, transducers, etc., that are compatible with them.

Fully Licensed and Insured - High Sights is an S Corporation, meeting all requirements for contracting with Government Agencies and Consulting Firms.

Besides those "boiler plate" minimums, what you will be receiving from our services extend far beyond "regular" SCADA contractors, namely;

Ingenuity - High Sights is THE team of Professional, SCADA Engineers, Integrators and Programmers you will need for any level of telemetry or operational control tasks for your system(s), from simple to complex.  For all our, we provide UNLIMITED Engineering, Monitoring, Control, and Reporting for equipment supervised by their devices.  Speak with us about any questions concerning your systems and you will find our combination of capabilities and skills are not like any other organization in this industry !


John Richmond, P.E.

A Florida and North Carolina Registered Professional Engineer involved in Water Resources for 40+ years.  For over 30+ years employed with a Florida Water Management District, he has developed and programmed Smart Stormwater Control Systems for gate and pump operations.  These accomplishments have benefitted Floridians for decades, and he is recognized in a commendation from the Army Corps of Engineers - HERE.

Appreciated for his foresight and imagination, John is capable of assisting customers with extraordinary opportunities for the development of monitoring or control systems for their every desire.  "If you can think it, we can create it." is the motto of the John and Charlie team.

Flexibility -
We specialize in the integration of many other device manufacturers with the Campbell control dataloggers.  With any compatible devices, the Campbell equipment can be programmed to Monitor, Control, and Report any aspects of your systems information or data that you desire.  See our REPORTING tab for more information.

Charlie Mondale, I.E.


An Industrial Engineer, Charlie is a former employee of Campbell Scientific, having worked for them for 10 years.  Branching out on his own he operated an Instrumentation and Installation SCADA business before joining a Florida Water Management District.  In that capacity he participated in complex instrumentation systems and the development of sophisticated Smart Stormwater programming.  He possesses exceptional integration and trouble shooting skills for customer systems.  Link those talents to his outstanding work ethic, and he and John become the most Customer Oriented, Can-Do Team of instrumentation specialists you will ever find.

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