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Maintenance doesn't COST.... it PAYS !

Although proper site selection and installation is the first step in guaranteeing quality data, on-going periodic maintenance and verification of the systems sensors and equipment is essential in assuring that high quality data is consistently obtained.  ALL sensors and sites have specific requirements that need to be checked and taken care of to maintain good quality data.  Many of these aspects could probably be monitored remotely and faulty data or equipment could be observed in this manner to minimize field visits, or, to make the field visit / repair most productive.

We can provide a full range of maintenance services depending on customers needs.  We can assist you in developing a quality assurance program, along with maintenance documentation, to aide your field personnel in their routine site inspections.  Or, we can provide you with any level of site maintenance and calibration services you're interested in.  Please contact us to discuss a maintenance program to fit your needs.

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