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Understanding SCADA


Our Customers have one common complaint that SCADA Contractors tell them their system is "complicated".  This usually translates into "you aren't smart enough to comprehend any of it".  That attitude is a pet peeve of both ours, and our Customers, therefore we will always provide ALL information that you are interested in about the SCADA system running your equipment.


NO MORE "Black Box" configurations to try and scare you.


To understand this and disperse any Black Box fears, think of it as your car.


You know that the engine and transmission move the vehicle, the brakes stop it, the tires have air in them, and the A/C keeps you cool.  If you get a flat tire can you fix it?  Probably!  If the engine sputters, can you tune it up?  Maybe, we used to when engines had points and plugs.  If the transmission starts slipping and the car won't move can you fix that?  Probably not, but you don't really have to.  As long as you have a general understanding of all the parts interacting with each other, you can direct others to repair that particular item for you.  All you care about is getting repairs done to it by qualified persons, while you supervise, and that it again functions as you desire.  CAN you take classes and training on HOW to repair transmissions?  Of course you can, if it is critical enough to your operations, but generally your time is better spent having others doing the repairs for you.

This is the difference between a Black Box that you know absolutely nothing about, and a system of interacting parts that you do know something about - and could learn every detail about them if you wanted to.


This same mentality can be used toward your SCADA system.  We'll show you all the pieces and parts needed, the Software on your computer running it all, how it communicates to the station with a modem, when the relays run the pumps or gates, how this program defines the commands, and where your data is collected to.  ALL functions will be open for you to see and learn if you so desire.  So....

What TYPE of SCADA could you use ?

Determine that on the next page -->

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