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Nothing takes the mystery out of a site and knowing it's conditions like live-feed, eyes-on, remote camera viewing.  Several customers have cameras for the viewing of their systems, as you can see above, and the information gotten from them is invaluable.

Besides day-to-day observations, Hurricanes and storms can be viewed impacting sites while you are safe, or even evacuated from the area.  With secure installations and power supplies, the cameras we propose stand up extremely well to adverse weather.  This video is from Hurricane Ian in September, 2022.

Along with the security aspect of Live-Feed cameras, the actual operation and performance of a site can be viewed.  To ensure that commands are actually performing what is required, seeing it happen is the same as being right there!

We propose only high definition, pan-tilt-zoom, night vision, continuous recording cameras with internal cellular communications.  Photos and videos can be captured at any time, day or night.  They can be programmed to patrol an area, or simply remain focused on one place.  There is two-way communications available through them, as well as motion detection that can send email alerts.

A free software application can be used to monitor a few, or all cameras at once.  The real-time panning, tilting, and zooming functions are possible through the application at all times.   The camera app is also available for smart devices as well, so you can view any site directly on your phone or tablet!

16 images.JPG

Multiple Display Configurations, 1 - 16

Smart Phone App for cameras

Smart Phone App.

PTZ camera mount.JPG

Field installation

Night vision-3.png
Night Vision of PTZ camera.png

Night vision of cameras

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