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2 inch PVC Union.png

SLIP type PVC union

2 inch rubber coupling.png

These views are of a PVC union, and how it unscrews from itself.  Connecting to the union can either by with a slip joint that is glued, or a threaded joint that is removable.  Click on their pictures for links to each type.

With these on each end of the valves, replacing a valve is easiest by simply unscrewing the coupling ring and lifting the valve up and out.  

Alternatively, use an ABS male adapter, threaded into a female threaded union.  Follow their links to find in Home Depot.

This would eliminate the rubber couplings needed to attach the ABS to the PVC.

CAUTION:  ABS and PVC glue is NOT the same!  We recommend you DO NOT glue ABS to PVC with any kind of glue.

Screwing ABS to PVC is fine.

2 inch ABS.png
2 inch threaded PVC Union.png

THREADED type PVC union

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