Some examples of an HMI are;


1 – Campbell Scientific’s own RTMC Real Time Monitoring and Control.  This moderately priced HMI displays any of their data from their DataLoggers in graphs and charts developed any way you’d like them.  The screens of information can be created with any combination of colors and designs for staff to view at-a-glance or to interact with.  System security can be implemented for your data or operations, along with alarm notifications.  There is no yearly renewal fee for this software addition.  Here are a few example images of the Campbell RTMC screens.


2 – VT Scada.  This software is from Trihedral, Inc., and stands for Visual Tag Scada (formerly VTS).  This software offers extensive graphic capabilities but significantly more complicated methods for displaying your information.  As long as budget considerations are a minor factor, the VT Scada system will provide exceptionally detailed graphic screens, customizable user access, with a full array of alarm types and notifications.


We are an authorized distributor and developer of VT Scada displays, and are fully willing to provide these services to you.  Yearly support renewals are required, and training classes by Trihedral, Inc. are regularly provided for a fee.

VT Scada.jpg